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ABOUTManufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Cotton & Silk Yarn AND Bottle Caps

Lakhdatar International is the leading Indian Manufacturer & Exporter of Industrial Bottle Packaging products Cap & Seal . We offer wide range of Aluminium caps & Plastic Caps in multiple sizes & colors for many different industries. Like Pharmaceuticals, Wine, Liquor, Oil, Beverages, Olive Oil & also Spirit.


Wine Packaging

Demands cost effective manufacturing & superior quality packaging technologies that protect the quality & Brand. Similarly like Liquor industry, consumers in this industries demands exceptional experience.

Beverages Packaging

Beverages Manufacturing Industries deals with the plastic products with the single & multiple threads. We at Passage Overseas maintain the quality & varieties of Plastic caps for the different beverages industries. Besides that Drinking water manufacturing & packaging Industries are also our clients.

Liquor Packaging

seems like going through an interesting transition that many consumers are also preferring smaller brands. May be least brands lend themselves to a richer drinking experience & products with authenticity.

Lug Caps Packaging

Passage Overseas offering the premium quality , which are made from high grade tin metal. These are offered in many kinds of specifications that include 30 mm, 38 mm, 43 mm, 53 mm, 58 mm, 63 mm, 66 mm, 82 mm, 102 mm diameters.

Oil Packaging

Oil Manufacturing Industries are on the leading industries for FMCG. Olive oil is probably the most loved product by all over the United States as well as by World.

Vinegar Caps Packaging

Passage Overseas deals with the with the single & multiple threads. We at Passage Overseas maintain the quality & varieties of Aluminium caps.


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